Client Relations & Feedback

The DSYTC is committed to ensuring that our programs and services best meet the needs of our youth and family clients, as well as our community partners. As such, we very much welcome and invite feedback from our clients and community stakeholders about their experiences with the DSYTC.

With a focus on client relations and the use of a Client Rights and Responsibilities framework, we aim to optimize the treatment and engagement experience for clients, families and visitors, and your feedback is critically important for us to be able to achieve this objective.

As part of the client relations process, we are committed to maintaining necessary confidentiality and responding to feedback in a timely manner. Response methods can include telephone and/or email correspondence, as well as in-person meetings where possible and warranted.

We invite all youth and family clients as well as community partners to call 613-594-8333 ext. 1101 or e-mail  to:

Express thanks or gratitude to the DSYTC and/or to a member of the staff team;
Express concerns and/or submit a complaint about the DSYTC and/or regarding a member of the staff team;
Offer suggestions and ideas for improving DSYTC programs and services;
• Ask a question about client rights and responsibilities.

We thank you for the opportunity to work with you and for the feedback you are willing to provide – it is greatly appreciated!

DSYTC Management Team